Declaracion de Praga, relativa al Uso Seguro de Internet para los niños/as

Tal y como comenta Paco Prieto (de Fundación CTIC) en su blog, parece que a nivel de las instituciones europeas se van dando pasos importantes en la concienciación sobre los riesgos que puede suponer Internet para nuestros niños y adolescentes.

En dicha Declaración (significativamente titulada A new European approach
for safer Internet for children
) queremos resaltar algunas frases:

although children and young people are often expert users of online technologies and aware of both risks and ways of dealing with them, they are not all mature in the sense of being able to evaluate the situations that they encounter and the possible consequences. At the same time they will seldom share their experiences with their parents or carers and will only turn to them for help as a last resort. There is also a gap between the increasing presence of threats on the Internet and awareness of them on the part of both children and parents. Better information for both children and parents and their empowerment to take measures against the risks are therefore necessary


the access and spread of the Internet and the anonymity it can provide, as well
as technological advances such as high-speed connections and digital cameras, have made it easier for individuals with a sexual interest in children to produce and upload child sexual abuse material, download files or access, view and share this material online


cyberbullying is a severe form of harmful conduct, which can be particularly distressing for the child victim;


grooming children can be seriously and deeply disturbing even where the contact stops before the abuse takes place;


safer Internet use is an issue which cuts across a number of policy areas and
also involves the work of a number of international organizations

Nos alegra ver que las instituciones públicas se mueven en la dirección en la que lo hacemos modestamente algunas entidades privadas desde hace tiempo. La confluencia de los diversos sectores con responsabilidades en los campos tecnológicos, legislativos y educativos, y de la sociedad civil como tal, es necesaria si queremos atajar los principales riesgos a que se enfrenta esta generación digital:

it is a shared responsibility for policy makers, law enforcement authorities, the private sector, schools and civil society to make the online environment safer


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